All New Wearable IR and Ultrasound Glasses Makes Venipuncture So Much Easier

Although a lot of progress has been made in the medical field in the past few decades, it wouldn’t hurt to see some more developments to help improve the quality of medical care provided for the people. When it comes to improvements in the medical field, every new invention counts.

Just recently, Evena Medical, a firm based in Roseville, California has released a new near-infrared device designed for ultrasound and vein viewing. What makes the device remarkable is that it can be worn simply like a pair of goggles. The Eyes-On glasses are built using Epson’s Moverio technology, which allows it to display images laid over the field of view of the wearer.

Ultrasound Glasses

The glasses are capable of projecting both ultrasound and infrared light onto the skin. The former allows the device to target deeper points into the human skin making it easier to view arteries and femoral veins. The latter, on the other hand, allows the wearer to view peripheral veins without any difficulty. The device then captures returning images with the help of its sensors. The images can be seen right away over the patient’s skin.

In order to make documents procedures more bearable, the device allows the user to upload whatever it has recorded over to a PACS/EMR system. This allows nurses and doctors to use the device in any type of situation especially when they wish to film or record any interesting medical case.

This is a convenient device for all nurses to have since it won’t require them to use an extra hand in order to operate the device. It could save time and effort as the device allows nurses to cater to patients in a faster and more efficient method. They no longer need to push carts around which can be a hassle when there is limited space to move and when there are too many patients lining up.