How to Detect Apartment Scams

It can happen to you or to someone you know—apartment scams can happen before you even notice them. Hence it is important that you know the signs of a scam before you unwittingly rush headlong into them. Some of these are hard to detect but if you scrutinize every financial transaction before you commit, it’s easy to evade scammers before they dupe you. Here are some early signs that you’re being set up for a scam:

Detect Apartment Scams

Proprietor is Demanding a Huge Amount in Advance

This is one common sign that you may be in the process of getting scammed by the apartment owner. Just why do they require you to pay a huge sum of money in advance when you can confidently pay the rent on a monthly basis? If their reasons are not reasonable enough, then you need to find another apartment. To commit to such draconic stipulations would mean getting the shorter stick. Nobody wants that.

Proprietor is Demanding for Your Credit Card Details

Bank transfers are okay but the situation would devolve into a questionable one if the apartment owner demands for your credit card details. Remember that when it comes to credit card transactions, once someone has access to your card details, you’d have to go through hoops recovering whatever funds shady people will siphon from your account. Hence, it is important that you don’t give away your credit card details. You can always ask them the owner of the apartment if there are other modes of payment that he/she finds acceptable. If the proprietor still insists you to use your credit card, you better just look for another place to stay.