How to Survive Japan’s Comiket

For true blue otakus, Comiket is a haven. This is where members of Japanese-related fandoms (e.g. Touken Ranbu, Kantai Collection, Love Live, Touhou, etc.) converge twice each year. It is a dojinshi fair with records of attendees that reach over half a million. Otakus who want to go to Japan usually schedule their trip when Comiket is happening because the doujin prices are considerably lower at the fair than in overseas shops or online stores. Aside from the numerous doujin and manga booths, the fair also features a lot of cosplayers!

Comiket is not like the typical conventions some people attend, which is why we give you this basic guide on how to survive this epic convention! We hope you have fun and find the items you’ve been looking for to satisfy your love for your favorite series.

Japan Comiket

Bring an Umbrella and Expect Long Lines

This convention is notorious worldwide for its long lines, especially during the opening day. We recommend that you bring an umbrella for protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Based on numerous experiences, you may have to stay in line for a few hours, so patience is really a virtue for convention attendees.

You Have Your Picture Taken With the Cosplayers

Unlike various cosplay events where you can have your picture taken with the cosplayers, the Japan convention only allows you to take pictures of the cosplayer, but you are not allowed to have your picture taken with them for security reasons.

Only Buy Doujin Based On Your Favorite Fandom

Avoid impulse buying; purchase doujins based on your favorite anime, manga, or character. You are going to save a lot of money that way.

You may also want to maximize your Japan experience by booking a stay at a themed hotel and asking for a room with your favorite series as the theme. Have fun at the fair!