Top 6 Application Performance Management Solutions

Many of today’s organizations and enterprises rely on responsive software applications to improve day-to-day business operations and key processes. In fact, majority of businesses today are application-driven, relying on custom software that deals with business process automation, streamlining marketing strategies, enhancing end-user experience, and developing strong customer relations.


With the growing dependence on business applications, the need for a good application performance monitoring tool becomes crucial in ensuring the responsiveness, efficiency, productivity, and stability of the software app utilized by the organization.

Six of the Most Notable APM Tools Available Today

  1. Foglight

Foglight is an APM solution provided by Dell. It combines performance monitoring and management of applications across multiple platforms and technologies, including physical and virtual servers, databases, Java or .NET, etc. The APM tool offers valuable insight into how end-users interact with applications, allowing you to further enhance your services in an effort to improve user experience.

Dell’s Foglight provides the necessary tools that effectively supports your company’s IT needs. Some of its key features include the ability to manage user experience from multiple perspectives, effectively manage and monitor databases, app server monitoring and diagnostics, SLA monitoring and dashboards, choose products via technology platform, web-based app monitoring, and a few other monitoring capabilities.

  1. Compuware APM

Compuware is an integrated modern APM solution for enterprises that require full visibility and comprehensive access to a wide range of data relating to their business applications and web-based services. You can choose between a variety of workable APM solutions to meet your needs and fit whatever platform you’re using; Java, PHP, .NET, and so on. As a result, you get a customized application performance management tool that provides comprehensive coverage without the unnecessary features.


End-to-end code-level monitoring, transaction tracing, production testing and development tools, user-experience monitoring, and monitor app performance in public, private, or hybrid clouds—these are just a few of the many notable features of Compuware APM.

  1. AppEnsure

If you need to effectively manage and monitor the throughput and response time of all your applications running in multiple locations, AppEnsure is equipped with the necessary tools that will allow you to identify, map, establish baselines, measure response time, and determine potential problems that are slowing application performance. It provides complete diagnostics automatically without the need for configuration.

Some of AppEnsure’s main features include root cause analysis with event correlation, complete stack visibility from multiple layers, topology and event discovery, app monitoring in multiple locations, establish baseline response time, and measure your application’s response time to the supporting infrastructure.

  1. Blue Stripe

Blue Stripe is a multifaceted software management utility that provides application, transaction, and system monitoring solutions for IT operations. It boasts of a wide range of tools that enables your IT department to efficiently identify, isolate, and find fixes to application issues at the individual component level.

Some of its features include process-level transaction tracing, IaaS and PaaS platform support, quick root cause identification, real-time dynamic mapping of both applications and transactions, support for Windows, Linux, Solans, and AIX-based components, automatic problem identification, identification and isolation of performance issues, service level alerts, and so on.

  1. Opsview

Most of today’s businesses are utilizing more than just a single application. In fact, modern enterprises typically use multiple applications, installed in a number of locations, relying on various technology stacks. Collecting diagnostic data from a single app is one thing, but gathering them from multiple locations and identifying their correlation within the context of the issue is a time-consuming process.

Opsview is an APM tool that allows you to efficiently gather all necessary information you’ll need and combine all relevant performance data via an automated process, so you can effectively get actionable insight of potential issues and find the appropriate solution. It provides a wide range of features, from cloud monitoring to application health tracking.

  1. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C

This particular APM tool offers diverse features that allow it to be more time-efficient when it comes to providing effective solutions to problematic application performance. Many organizations consider Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C as a better option than most competitive APM tools in the market in terms of business/IT alignment and problem solving capabilities. The tool is designed for cloud and enterprise data center deployment, and works with Oracle applications, as well as custom-made apps.

Among its key features are real user monitoring, transactions and transaction instances monitoring and tracing, business metrics monitoring, app performance analytics, discovery and topology, synthetic transaction monitoring, and more.

There are a multitude of application performance management tools out there. Some provide basic capabilities, while others offer more diverse features that enable businesses to comprehensively monitor application performance, regardless of the number, size, or complexity. The first step into finding the right APM solution is to determine whether or not your business actually needs an application monitoring tool. From there, you can begin searching for features and capabilities that can address your specific needs.