Image Discover these films that tell stories of peace

Discover these films that tell stories of peace

For the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, peace education is based on the discovery of personal resources such as inner appreciation, strength, hope and choice. This means that to ensure global peace, it is primordial that each individual has peace within. He set up the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) to undertake peacekeeping initiatives in the world. Beside this, he shares his messages of peace to impart people with the knowledge of the importance of peace.

Movies are among the most influential ways to teach peace education. This is because films or movies give its viewers the opportunity to use their vision and hearing in understanding the plot. In fact, when watching a movie, it is like experiencing and living the story. To promote peace education through films, let us discover some of the films that tell stories of peace.

Discover the films that tell stories of peace

All Quiet on Western Front (starring Lew Ayres)

This movie was awarded the Oscar award. The movie story is based on the experience of the German soldiers in the great World War I. The main theme of the film is about the humanitarian anti-war movement. The movie demonstrates that with war, the world has turned into a dangerous place to live. Thus, a real commitment from responsible individuals is needed to restore peace.

Gandhi (directed by Richard Attenborough)

Gandhi is a film that is based on the real story of Gandhi's life. Gandhi was a peace activist in India. He believed that through peaceful demonstrations, he could liberate India from the British authority. The message in the film is that it is possible for people to have a non-violent protest to reach their quest for freedom and peace.

Paths of Glory (directed by Stanley Kubrick)

The movie story is based on the World War I. The main conflict in the movie is due to the court-martial's order to engage two ordinary soldiers into a suicidal attack. The two soldiers refused to follow the order. The movie serves to show the power of generals to use soldiers in a fight, just as pawns are to chess.

Witness (directed by Peter Weir)

The plot depicts the story of a young Amish boy who witnessed a murder. Then, he was chased by the criminal. The main conflict is about the contrast between the peaceful lifestyle of the Amish people and the violent city life. The policeman had to hide himself among the Amish in order to protect the boy until the criminal received his sentence.

The King of Hearts (directed by Philippe de Broca)

The plot was set in the World War I. It is based on the real story of the Great War in which the Germany Army planted a bomb in a French town. A British soldier was assigned to disconnect the bomb; but he then found himself at an insane asylum. He was considered insane because of his intention to put an end to the war through peace and love.