Image Humour: a weapon for peace?

Humour: a weapon for peace?

Stress is bad for our health as it affects our mood and may turn us into aggressive individuals. It causes depression and anxiety, and acts as a weapon to slowly deteriorate the health of its victims. In contrast, it is common to hear that "laughter is the best medicine". This means that if we laugh, joy will fill our heart, and we become more relaxed.

Humor is a weapon for peace because it creates a connection among people. When we share our happiness and joy with people around us, we can build a good, successful relationship among each other. Prem Rawat is an ambassador of peace who shares his messages of peace to build harmonious life within our community and society.

He also created The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) to enhance that solidarity through the humanitarian works that it undertakes. Is humor a weapon for peace? Let us explore this topic in this article and find out.

Humor: a weapon for peace

Humor builds relationship among people

It is essentially good to know that by laughing together, we can build a connection with our friends, classmates, colleagues, and neighbors. In fact, the environment is much more peaceful and friendly with laughter. When we are involved in a humor and laugh together with our surroundings, it means that we have the same understanding and same values.

For example, when we commute to work or to college in the morning, we can sometimes hear a funny joke on the radio in the bus or in the train. The story is so funny that we can't help laughing. Then, it is quite normal for the passengers to share their comments and feelings about the joke to each other. This connection removes any barrier between the passengers in the bus.

Therefore, it is obviously true that humor is a weapon for peace.

Humor promotes a better conflict management

Here are more benefits of humor: 

  • Humor stimulates a strong connection among people. When laughing together, people usually look at each other, even if they have not had any connection before.
  • Humor stimulates conversation among the participants. In other words, after listening and laughing to a funny joke or story, it is normal for people to share their feelings and speculate about the reasons why the situation was funny. They may even end up talking to each other about their family, their occupation, and their goals.
  • Humor stimulates ideas. As the humoristic event usually ends up with a critical analysis of its reason, impacts, and some other comments, it therefore, stimulates ideas. The talk does not stop with the comments, but it may even turn into a fruitful discussion about societal values, culture and traditions, or even about the economy, and other.

Humor contributes to inner peace

Humor promotes a feeling of inner well-being. If you laugh, your heart is healthy. To prevent you from having a heart problem from the hardship of everyday life, it is a good idea to laugh. Read a joke, read riddles and laugh. If your soul is happy, your mind becomes calm, thus you attain inner peace.

Share your joy with the others

World peace starts from everyone of us. Laughing means we are happy, or we are at peace with ourselves. Laughing is contagious; therefore, it is good to share our happiness with our relatives, family members, and surroundings; if we are happy with each other, we can definitely make peace with our surroundings. Thus, keep smiling and peace will knock on your door.